Specialty Glass

Textured and beveled glass | Plexiglass and Lexan products | Security glass installation

SAFETY - We offer many different glass solutions when you're looking to add extra protection and security to your business or belongings. From laminated glass and tempered glass to Lexan and Plexiglass products, Denning Glass in Coldwater, MI has the highest quality glass products on the market.

BEVELED - We can order various thickness of glass and mirrors. If you need a custom size mirror or tabletop, no problem. We can help bring beauty to your home with beveled glass from 1/2" to a 1' Bevel.

OBSCURE & TEXTURED GLASS - Denning Glass can help you with changing the glass in your kitchen cupboards or china cabinets. We have a nice selection to choose from.

STAINED GLASS SUPPLIES - We can order any supplies you might need for your project. We also have a supply of colored glass to choose from at another location. Appointment is necessary.

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Commercial Glass

& Windows

Here at Denning Glass we can meet all your glass needs with a large range of products and services. Call us at our Coldwater, Michigan location for all of your glass projects.

Security Glass

Security glass is more resistive to impact than standard glass. Glass types such as laminated glass and tempered glass are designed for extra strength and protective qualities, while also retaining transparency and clarity of view. It is perfect for storefronts, entryways, showrooms, display windows, office buildings and other commercial applications.

Laminated safety glass

Plexiglass & Lexan

Plexiglass, or acrylic glass, and Lexan, which is a polycarbonate, are both examples of transparent thermoplastic. While not technically glass, they both withstand impact much better than standard glass and won't shatter like glass when broken. This makes Plexiglass and Lexan products the perfect alternative to standard glass products in terms of safety and protection.

Lexan and Plexiglass